China vexed by US Navy ships sailing through Taiwan Strait reports: “China expressed concern on Thursday after two US Navy ships sailed through the Taiwan Strait, the third such operation this year.

‘China will pay close attention to and stay informed of US warships sailing through the Taiwan Strait from beginning to end, and has already expressed its concern to the US,’ said Chinese foreign ministry official spokesman Geng Shuang at a regular press briefing in Beijing Thursday.

He urged the US to respect the ‘One China Principle’ to avoid ‘impairing China-US relations and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.’

China still sees Taiwan as part of its territory to be reunified, despite the two sides being ruled separately since the end of a civil war on the mainland in 1949.

That means Beijing views any ships passing through the straits as essentially a breach of its sovereignty — while the US and many other nations view the route as international waters open to all…”

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