China’s top diplomat urges South Korea, Japan to know their ‘roots’

SpaceWar.com reports: “China’s top diplomat has called on South Korea and Japan to know their ‘roots’ and reject Western influences, in racially charged comments to officials from Seoul and Tokyo.

Speaking at a trilateral forum in the eastern city of Qingdao on Monday, Wang Yi — who is in charge of the ruling Communist Party’s foreign policy — said Western powers had deliberately ‘played up ideological differences between the countries’, state media reported.

He also made a case for unity between the three countries on the basis of race, saying ‘Europeans and Americans can’t distinguish between Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans’, according to a recording shared by state-run nationalist tabloid the Global Times and reported by other Beijing media.

‘No matter how yellow our hair is dyed or how sharp we change our nose, we can’t become Westerners,’ he said.

‘We should know where our roots are.’…”

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