Chinese navy launches hypersonic anti-ship missiles in public display

The Jerusalem Post reports: “In what was their first public demonstration, China launched its ‘YJ-21’ or ‘Eagle Strike 21’ hypersonic anti-ship missile, said to be designed to target aircraft carriers, in what seems to be a show of Beijing’s naval capabilities in a warning to the US Navy.

The display of naval power came ahead of the Chinese navy’s 73rd anniversary last weekend.

In a video clip of the apparent launch, the YJ-21 is shown being launched from a Type 055 vessel, a guided-missile destroyer said to be the largest, most advanced destroyer in China’s fleet.

The Type 055 has 112 vertical launch missile cells and is designed as a multiple-role destroyer, armed with various weaponry to tackle different objectives.

Air defense, anti-missile defense, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons are all within the 055’s capabilities…”

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