Chinese Nuke Arsenal Next on Beijing’s ‘To-Do’ List, US Commander Warns

Voice of America News reports: “The commander in charge of the U.S. military’s nuclear arsenal has warned that increasing China’s nuclear stockpile is ‘next’ on Beijing’s ‘to-do list.’ 

Speaking Monday to reporters at the Pentagon, U.S. Strategic Command chief Adm. Charles Richard said that while the United States has ‘no margin’ of error left to start recapitalizing its nuclear force, China has a proven record of steadily building its military. He cited the example of how Beijing has built more than 250 ships for the country’s newly established coast guard in just the past seven years. 

‘When China sets its mind to something, they are very impressive in their ability to go accomplish it,’ Richard said. ‘Their strategic forces are next on their to do list, right, and I’m trying to posture us for the threat that we’re going to face, not the one that we have today.’ 

The U.S. can deliver a nuclear strike by sea, air and land through submarines, aircraft and intercontinental ballistic missiles, a capability often referred to as the nuclear triad. 

Earlier this month, a Pentagon report raised concern about China’s pursuit of a nuclear triad while predicting that Beijing will ‘at least double’ the size of its nuclear warhead stockpile over the next decade. There was no response from the Chinese government…”

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