Christian Finnish MP Could Spend 6 Years in Prison for Supporting Biblical Marriage, Sexuality

ChristianHeadlines.com reports: “Päivi Räsänen, a Christian member of the Finnish Parliament, is facing six years imprisonment for allegedly committing three crimes regarding her opinion on marriage and sexuality.

Räsänen, a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and former chair of the Christian Democrats, has been under investigation by police since June 2019 after questioning the leadership at the Finnish Lutheran church she attended.

At the time, the church had sponsored the LGBT event ‘Pride 2019’ by using an image with a Bible text. In response, Räsänen questioned the church’s leadership in a tweet, which later got her in trouble for committing hate speech. She subsequently underwent several interviews by police regarding her views and waited more than a year for the General Prosecutor to determine whether the prosecution should continue.

According to The Christian Post, Räsänen also faces crimes for comments she made on a 2018 TV show and a 2004 pamphlet where she outlined the official teaching of her own church on human sexuality…”

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