While Christianity dies in Germany, Islam springs up in its place

WND.com reports: “Christianity in Germany, and indeed in all of Europe, is dying.

There are about 47 million Catholics and Protestants combined in Germany, representing roughly 60 percent of the German population, but that number is falling by 500,000 a year through deaths alone, according to the Gatestone Institute.

All across Germany, churches now sit mostly empty on Sunday mornings, and it’s a problem for Catholics and Protestants alike.

In the year 2016 alone, the German Catholic Church lost 162,093 faithful attendees and closed 537 parishes, according to data from the German Bishops’ Conference. One-quarter of all German Catholic communities that existed in 1996 have now closed.

Similarly, in 2016, 340,000 German Protestants died while 190,000 people left the church. Only 25,000 people joined the church…

While Christianity is dying in Germany, Islam is on the rise. Historian Walter Laqueur wrote that Germany had about 700 ‘little mosques and prayer rooms’ in the 1980s but ‘more than 2,500 at the present time’ – and that was in 2009…”

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