Christians are being ‘strategically driven’ from their homes

ChristianToday.com reports: “The Christian presence is at risk of being completely erased from some parts of the world due to persecution, a new report warns.

‘The Church on the Run’ report by Open Doors describes a ‘deliberate strategy’ to weaken, silence or completely eradicate Christian populations.

‘While displacement is sometimes perceived as an unintentional by-product of persecution, in many instances, it is intentional and can be part of a wider strategy to completely eradicate Christianity from the village, region or country. In some instances, the strategy is overt and public, in others it is covert and informal,’ the report says.

Open Doors’ Global Gender Persecution Specialist, Helene Fisher, said, ‘Part of this deliberate strategy is to fracture religious communities.’ 

The most common driver of displacement for persecuted Christians was their family, followed by local and national government officials, the local community, and violent religious groups.

Converts reported receiving threats of death or violence, and being deprived of food or shelter…”

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