Christians worry growing protests against ‘missionaries’ will soon turn bloody

The Times of Israel reports: “Last week, dozens of teen boys and men were gathered inside the Clal Center, a run-down shopping center and office building in central Jerusalem.

The group, most of them dressed in distinctive ultra-nationalist garb, were there to crash a gathering of Messianic Jews and block them from a concert being held in an event space in the building.

As dozens of mostly young activists crowded against the main entrance, police — who seemed overwhelmed at times — were called to disperse the protesters and ensure the safety of the event.

The event, which ended with one person arrested for scuffling with police, underlined the current of anti-Christian zeal running through some of Israel’s more extreme nationalist movements, which have seemingly grown in ferocity and frequency recently.

Evangelical Christians and Messianic Jews in Israel fear that the protest and other recent episodes of harassment in Jerusalem could turn far more violent, as far-right Jewish anti-missionary groups step up their activities against them…”

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