Church: Out with George Washington, in with ‘Mother’ god reports: “There was a day, not too long ago, when a church would have been proud to claim George Washington, the first president of the United States and ‘father of our country,’ as one of its first members.

That day has passed.

At Christ Church of Alexandria, Virginia, where the motto is ‘All are welcome, no exceptions,’ the board of vestry has decided it can no longer tolerate a plaque dedicated to the memory of its most famous member, George Washington.

That’s right, George Washington himself was one of the founding members of Christ Church, which is affiliated with the Episcopal Church USA. He purchased pew No. 5 when the church opened in 1773 and attended for more than 20 years whenever he rode north from Mount Vernon to do business in town.

​But on Sunday, the church announced it will soon be removing a memorial plaque placed along the front wall in Washington’s honor, saying he has become so controversial that his plaque is ‘chasing away would-be parishioners,’ the Washington Times reports.

The Episcopal Church USA has given itself over to a ‘Mother Earth’ form of Christianity that preaches tolerance and inclusivity for everything accept what some might consider traditional, biblical Christianity…”

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