Coast Guard plans to add resources in Arctic to counter Russia, China reports: “The U.S. Coast Guard wants to add resources to the Arctic because ‘dramatic changes in the physical environment’ of the region have allowed China and Russia to become more competitive there.

The military branch has proposed upgrading ships, aircraft, unmanned systems and communications systems in a 48-page Arctic Strategic Outlook, which was released Monday.

‘Since the release of the Coast Guard Arctic Strategy in 2013, the resurgence of nation-state competition has coincided with dramatic changes in the physical environment of the Arctic, which has elevated the region’s prominence as a strategically competitive space,’ the report says. ‘America’s two nearest-peer powers, Russia and China, have both declared the region a national priority and made corresponding investments in capability and capacity to expand their influence in the region.’

Because of Russia and China’s ‘persistent challenges to the rules-based international order around the globe,’ there is concern of ‘similar infringement to the continued peaceful stability of the Arctic region.’…”

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