Cross-Dressing ‘Queer Role Models’ Read to Toddlers to Stop ‘Hate Crimes’ reports: “Men dressed as women are being brought into UK nursery schools as ‘queer role models’ for two and three-year-olds to stop them committing ‘hate crimes’ later in life.

Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) holds sessions at taxpayer-funded schools, community centres, and libraries at which children learn songs about ‘transgender’ teddy bears, as cross-dressers teach about homophobia, misogyny, and racism, and read books which promote ‘queer’ and LGBT lifestyles.

The project  — which nursery bosses say will help children ‘see people who defy rigid gender restrictions’  — is to hold sessions at seven nurseries run by the London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) over the winter, which if successful will be rolled out across all the foundation’s 37 sites, the Mail on Sunday reports.

Founder Tom Canham explained that DQST targets two and three-year-olds in order to prevent ‘hatred’ later in life, claiming infants have yet to develop prejudice at that age.

‘Racism, homophobia, misogyny and the like are all learnt behaviours – we aren’t born with any form of hatred, you get taught it over time,’ argued the Bristol University Law graduate, who was inspired by U.S. project Drag Queen Story Hour…”

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