Cuba Summons 3-Year-Old Daughter of Political Prisoner for Interrogation

Breitbart.com reports: “Communist state security officials issued a summons to a three-year-old girl, Leadi Kataleya Naranjo, demanding she present herself for an interrogation on Tuesday or face criminal charges of contempt.

The case is one of a growing number of incidents in which the communist Castro regime has turned to targeting the children of suspected or openly anti-communist political dissidents. The Communist Party has significantly increased repression since tens of thousands of Cubans took to the streets to peacefully demand an end to the regime on July 11, 2021, arresting scores of children and, in some cases, physically assaulting and torturing others for their ties to known opponents of communism.

The incident involving the three-year-old on Monday echoes a similar situation in April in which police forced a seven-year-old girl into an interrogation seeking information about her mother, who had publicly condemned the regime…”

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