Czech official labels Russia a ‘direct military threat’

SpaceWar.com reports: “A senior Czech official said Thursday Russia posed a ‘direct military threat’ to the Czech Republic and its eastern NATO allies as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continued.

Martin Povejsil, head of the Czech foreign ministry’s security department, told reporters it was ‘impossible to rule out a direct military threat (from Russia) in the foreseeable future’.

He was commenting on a new security strategy approved by the Czech government on Wednesday and designed to raise awareness of the security situation among the Czech public.

‘We can see how agendas that were until recently perceived as free of security aspects are gradually taking security into account,’ Povejsil said, naming science and research, prone to cyber attacks and espionage, as an example.

‘It is necessary to raise the awareness of security threats among the public, and the willingness to share the related costs,’ he added.

The security strategy says the Czech Republic should get ready ‘for the possibility that it could become part of an armed conflict’.

The document also identifies China as a threat, although Povejsil said it was not a direct military one at present…”

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