Dad saves daughter as Muslim rape frenzy plagues Germany reports: “Germany is enduring a fresh round of sexual assaults by Muslim migrants, but until police are less concerned about being called ‘Islamophobes’ than they are about the safety of German women, the attacks will continue, says a top freedom activist in the U.S.

In one case, a German father is being called a hero for rescuing his daughter from a Syrian refugee who had stalked her as she was walking home early Sunday morning from a disco.

The woman, 23, called her 57-year-old father to say ‘there’s a man following me home dad…’

He raced to the scene in a push scooter, only to find the man had punched his daughter almost unconscious, was on top of her and tearing off her clothes, the U.K.’s Express reported. He had dragged her from the side of the road into some underbrush.

He pulled the drunken Syrian off his daughter, punched him several times and pinned him down while calling police on his cell phone. The Syrian is facing charges of assault and attempted sexual assault…”

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