Defense Minister: ‘World must mobilize to stop Iranian aggression’

Israel National News reports: “Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) on Monday reiterated his call to the international community to put an end to Iranian aggression.

‘Iranian aggression is currently conducted without a ‘nuclear canopy,’’ Gantz said. ‘The world must mobilize to stop Iranian aggression.’

In a post on his social media platforms, Gantz detailed a series of Iranian activities that he exposed over the past year and said, ‘Today, we must reiterate the warning that Iranian aggression, whether it emanates from Iranian territory or through Iranian proxies – is a threat to global peace and to regional stability, as well as a threat to the State of Israel.’

‘Over the past year, I have revealed the names of those behind the ‘Mercer Street’ attack – Commander of the IRGC’s Air Force, General Amir Ali Hajizadeh and Head of the IRGC’s UAV Command, Saeed Ara Jani. At a later date, I also revealed the base where Iran trains its proxies in ‘Kashan’. I also exposed the fact that missiles are launched from bases located in the Chabahar and Qeshem regions of Iran…”

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