Deputy Italian Prime Minister Calls for Creation of an EU Army, Consolidation of Power in Brussels

Breitbart.com reports: “Italian Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani has joined the growing chorus calling for the formation of a European Union Army, arguing that sacrificing the national sovereignty of member states is worth the tradeoff for security.

Antonio Tajani, who took over as the leader of the centre-right Forza Italia party following the death of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi last year and who currently serves both foreign minister and deputy prime minister in the Giorgia Meloni coalition government, argued that one of the top reforms needed for the European Union is the formation of a collective military among the 27 countries that constitute the bloc.

Speaking to the Italian La Stampa newspaper, Tajani said: ‘If we want to be bearers of peace in the world, we need a European army. And this is a fundamental precondition for having an effective European foreign policy. In a world with powerful players like the United States, China, India, and Russia, with crises ranging from the Middle East to the Indo-Pacific, Italian, German, French or Slovenian citizens can only be protected by something that already exists, and it’s called the European Union…’

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