Detransitioner Gives Heartbreaking Testimony: ‘There’s No Fixing It’

Breitbart.com reports: “A woman who previously attempted to transition to become a man and is now detransitioning opened up about her heartbreaking story and the consequences of transitioning. 

The video, made by Jalissa Vine and titled ‘the aftermath of my transition,’ appears to be the first in an upcoming series of videos titled ‘detransition diaries.’ 

According to the video, Vine lived as transgender for eight years and had both a double mastectomy, known as ‘top surgery,’ and a hysterectomy. 

It begins by noting, ‘The following is a very vulnerable and personal account of my experience as a detrans woman.’

Vine starts by saying, ‘It’s like mourning an entire life that should have been mine. I don’t know how this happened to me.’

‘It’s like a virus or something infected me and it happened so quickly and I was right there agreeing to every single thing, but I don’t know how it happened … if I just would have waited,’ she remarked…”

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