Detransitioners share regrets, speak out against body mutilation in ‘Transgressive’ documentary

The Christian Post reports: “A new documentary produced by Fox News host Tucker Carlson examines the consequences of body-disfiguring transgender surgeries and highlights the stories of people who underwent experimental medicalization and how it impacted their physical and mental health. 

The two-part ‘Transgressive: The Cult of Confusion,’ which premiered last week on Fox Nation, features the first-hand accounts of people who once believed they were the opposite sex and underwent experimental hormones and surgeries but have since detransitioned and reintegrated into their natal sex following immense regret and bodily harm.

The filmmakers take viewers on a journey, explaining in eight distinct stages how transgenderism functions and operates like an actual ‘cult.’ The project shows how struggling children are indoctrinated and sent down a pathway of irreversible harm…”

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