Erdan: It is important to show the true face of Iran

Israel National News reports: “Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) on Tuesday morning emphasized that the campaign against Iran is fought with weapons – but also by raising awareness.

‘The campaign against Iran is not just [military] attacks, it is also a campaign of awareness.,’ Erdan told Reshet Bet.

Regarding Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s revelation of a new Iranian nuclear arms site, Erdan said: ‘When the President of France does everything to legitimize Iran and give it a [monetary] credit line – it is important to show its true face.’

Regarding the possibility that US President Donald Trump will meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Erdan said: ‘When it’s part of a campaign to put maximum pressure on Iran in order to completely change the nuclear deal, then it definitely is in Israel’s interests as well.’…”

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