Erdogan Pushes for Turkish Role in Afghanistan after US Leaves

Voice of America News reports: “Turkey is going ahead with its plans to take over security at the Kabul international airport after the pullout of U.S. troops, despite opposition from the Taliban. Ankara is in negotiations with Washington to secure the airport, which analysts say is key to maintaining stability and an international presence in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has warned Turkey of severe consequences if its military remains in Afghanistan when other foreign forces pull out, but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in remarks this week, appeared to play down those threats and indicated negotiations would continue.

Erdogan says whether, at the level of the foreign ministry or at his level, Turkey is trying to see what kind of talks it can hold with the Taliban and where these talks can take them.

Ankara is banking on its historical ties with Afghanistan and its status as NATO’s only predominantly Muslim member to help ease Taliban opposition…”

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