Erdogan Threatens Military Escalation in Syria

Voice of America News reports: “Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is threatening to escalate fighting against Syrian government forces following Monday’s killing of Turkish soldiers. The warning comes in the face of calls for restraint from Moscow, but Erdogan is facing growing domestic pressure for an uncompromising stance.

‘We have given the necessary response and retaliated in kind, but this is not enough,’ Erdogan said Tuesday. The Turkish military claimed to have hit more than 100 targets of Damascus forces Monday.  

The strikes were in response to the killing of five Turkish soldiers by artillery from Syrian forces in Idlib province.  

Erdogan said Tuesday he would announce what new military steps he will take. He met Monday with his military commanders to discuss the Syrian situation.  

In the space of a week, 12 Turkish soldiers have been killed by regime forces in Idlib. The Turkish president is facing growing domestic pressure to hit back…”

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