EU agrees 5,000-strong response force in defence push

SpaceWar.com reports: “The European Union on Monday approved a new defence strategy designed to increase the bloc’s capacity to act, including setting up a 5,000-strong rapid reaction force.

The plan — in the pipeline for two years — underwent a last-minute rewrite to increase the focus on the threat from Russia after Moscow invaded Ukraine.

‘It’s not the answer to the Ukrainian war, but it is part of the answer,’ EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said at a meeting of the bloc’s foreign and defence ministers.

‘When we started working, we couldn’t imagine that at the last moment of approval the situation would be so bad and Europe would be facing such a big challenge.’

EU leaders have described Russia’s assault on Ukraine as a wake-up call that their 27 nations have to take a more muscular approach to their security…”

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