EU, in unusual move, warns Palestinians to drop Muslim-only language for Temple Mount

The Jerusalem Post reports: “In an unusual move, the European Union has publicly warned the Palestinians that they must drop their United Nations bid to reference the Temple Mount solely by its Muslim name of al-Haram al-Sharif.

It spoke out about the issue on Friday at the UN General Assembly, which approved six anti-Israel resolutions, including two that ignored Jewish ties to the most holy site in Judaism, the Temple Mount.

Its 28 member states voted in favor of those two resolutions, but warned that this was the last year it would do so.

‘The EU stresses the need for language on the holy sites of Jerusalem to reflect the importance and historical significance of the holy sites for the three monotheistic religions, and to respect religious and cultural sensitivities,’ it said in a statement that was read out on the floor of the UN.

‘The future choice of language may affect the EU’s collective support for the resolutions,’ it added…”

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