EU official: Negotiations on Iran nuclear deal close to completion

Israel National News reports: “Negotiations between Iran and the US on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal are close to completion, the European Union’s senior negotiator at the talks said on Sunday, but it remained unclear whether Tehran will accept the final deal, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The text of an agreement could be closed in coming hours, said the EU’s Enrique Mora, the coordinator of the talks. However, Iran must still decide whether to set aside its demand that the nuclear deal can only be revived if a multiyear United Nations atomic agency probe into its nuclear program is closed.

‘We were negotiating some technical questions that were open in the text,’ Mora told reporters in Vienna, according to WSJ. ‘We are advancing and I expect that we will close this negotiation soon.’

The final text would need to be approved by Iran, the US and the other participants in the talks, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany. The senior French, UK and German negotiators aren’t currently in Vienna…”

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