Expert: ‘Significant Risk’ Libya Will Become Second Islamic State ‘Caliphate’ reports: “Libya, located a few hundred miles from the European coast, is facing a ‘significant risk’ of becoming the ‘new’ home of the Islamic State’s ‘caliphate,’ a London-based expert from the Chatham House think-tank’s Royal Institute of International Affairs cautioned in an editorial published by the Dallas Morning News on Sunday.

Frank Kryza wrote:

    ‘Boots on the ground’ is a phrase rarely used by the Trump Administration. And with good reason: 6,251 American soldiers have been killed since 2001; some 45,170 have been wounded. That is a heavy price. We are already too involved in combating ISIS in Syria and Iraq. But if we do nothing, Libya will cease to exist as a country. Imagine, if you can, an Islamic caliphate on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea not far from Italy. It is a grim vision.

Kryza’s warning came as suspected fighters from the Islamic State, or ISIS, killed four people and wounded seven in central Libya on Sunday, according to Nigeria’s Punch newspaper…”

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