Finland unfazed by Kremlin threats on NATO membership

euobserver.com reports: “Russian threats will not stop Finland joining NATO, a senior Finnish official has indicated, amid memories of its ‘Winter War’ with the Soviet Union.

‘Finland is a sovereign state’ and it will make decisions ‘based on real-time evaluation of our security environment,’ rather than Russian threats, Kai Sauer, Finland’s under-secretary of state for foreign and security policy, told EUobserver on Tuesday (26 April).

‘This is the right of every sovereign nation,’ he added.

Sauer spoke after Finnish and Swedish press reported on Monday that the two countries will submit an application to join NATO in mid-May due to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

He also spoke after Russia earlier threatened to station nuclear weapons in the Baltic regions if they went ahead.

Sauer declined to comment on the NATO application reports, but he indicated that the two Nordic countries were potential assets for the Western alliance.

‘Generally speaking, Finland and Sweden are security providers instead of consumers,’ he said. They ‘project security and stability in their region,’ he added…”

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