Footage of Hamas assault on civilians shows likely war crimes, experts say

The Times of Israel reports: “Video and photographic evidence of Hamas’s brutal assault on Saturday demonstrate in graphic detail what appear to be both war crimes and possible crimes against humanity carried out by the terror group, two Israeli experts said Sunday.

Photographic evidence has emerged of civilians shot dead at bus stops, on roads, and in their cars, while numerous videos have shown Israeli civilians, including mothers, elderly women, and children being abducted and taken captive to Gaza.

Two videos in particular have raised concerns of sexual assault against women, one of which shows a woman apparently bleeding into her shorts being taken out of a vehicle in Gaza; the woman is alive. The other video shows a woman stripped down to her underwear lying face down in a truck.

A large number of civilians are thought to be among the at least 700 dead in the surprise onslaught, which saw Hamas terrorists infiltrate several communities and a large outdoor rave.

Legal and security experts say the group’s actions constitute war crimes, and likely crimes against humanity, since the assault against civilians was so broad and deliberate…”

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