Former Anglican bishop: Don’t take Christianity seriously reports: “A minister of the Church of England has scolded a former bishop who dismissed Jesus as no more than a ‘spiritual and prophetic genius’ and called the New Testament an ‘untidy bundle of writings.’

Rev. Robin Weekes of Emmanuel Church in Wimbledon, England, reprimanded Richard Holloway, the former bishop of Edinburgh, who made the comments in the Spectator magazine, said the Christian Institute.

Weekes pointed out to Holloway that the churches that preach the Bible ‘are the ones that are growing’ in the United Kingdom.

The institute said Holloway, who led the Anglican church in Scotland in the 1980s, was reviewing a book on the history of the Bible by academic John Barton.

Holloway himself acknowledged that growing churches are ‘usually those that take a conservative approach to the interpretation of the Bible.’

But he suggested people should ‘settle for’ a casual faith.

‘After all, which of us really knows what’s going on?’ he wrote…”

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