Former Syrian general: Iran testing chemical weapons in Syria

Israel National News reports: “A former Syrian army general who defected said this week that Iran is building, and carrying out tests on, short-to-medium-range missiles with chemical warheads in Syria.

Zaher Al-Sakat, who now runs a chemical weapons monitoring agency in Brussels, told Kan that ‘Iran continues to be a central supplier of chemical weapons for the Syrian regime, alongside independent development of chemical weapons in Syrian territory.’

He further stated that ‘A large part of the stockpiles of chemical weapons hidden from international inspectors have also been transferred to Hezbollah.’

‘At three different centers in Syria, Iranian scientists, technicians and military personnel develop missiles with chemical warheads ranging from 5 to 35 kilometers to be used for military operations within Syrian territory – but also for operations across the border.’

The Syrian army and pro-regime militias conduct daily attacks on the population in which chlorine gas is used, he said.

Al-Sakat has said that, as a general in the Syrian army, he had been ordered to use chemical weapons three times. He said that each time, however, he found himself unable to carry out the intended attack, and instead replaced the chemical canisters with other harmless chemical substances…”

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