Former trans kid shares agony of side effects from ‘mutilating’ medical transition: ‘I’ve gotten no help’

FoxNews.com reports: “A former transgender kid who detransitioned after having a double mastectomy told Fox News Digital that she was worried about living with the painful side effects of the ‘gender-affirming’ medical interventions for the rest of her life. 

‘At this point, I’m far from whole. I’m far from healed. I’m still processing and dealing with what I went through,’ Chloe Cole, 18, told Fox News Digital in an interview. 

‘I’ve lost all my trust in my health care provider and possibly even health care,’ she said. 

Cole, who calls herself ‘the canary in the coal mine,’ has become one of the most prominent voices speaking out against what is known as ‘gender-affirming care’ for kids. She joined Do No Harm – an organization fighting to restore the ideals of the Hippocratic oath in the medical field – as part of its campaign to ‘protect[t]minors from gender ideology.’

Cole’s motivations, she explained, derived directly from her heart and concern for others; she is trying to prevent a future generation from treading on her path…”

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