Former Venezuelan Political Prisoner: ‘I Saw Men Crucified’ reports: “Venezuelan student leader Lorent Saleh spent four years behind bars for peaceful resistance to the socialist regime of Nicolás Maduro. Released this month, he offered several interviews this week from his new home in Spain, describing in gruesome detail the wide variety of torture methods he experienced and saw in use during his imprisonment…

Speaking to Colombia’s NTN24 on Monday night, Saleh described the hopelessness of believing he would die in prison.

‘I was prepared for everything except freedom,’ he said. ‘I had assumed I would be in prison until either the government fell or they killed me … since I wasn’t a member of a political party, nobody was fighting for my freedom. It was horrible.’

Saleh offered a far more extensive interview to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, published Sunday, in which he explained various forms of torture in detail. He noted that the torture centers in the underground Caracas prison known as ‘The Tomb’ were significantly different than those at the Helicoide, the capital’s mall-turned-political-prison.

‘I saw men on their knees so they could be beaten. And the worst – the most terrible and striking – I saw men not do anything before the suffering of other men,’ he explained. ‘I have seen prisoners hanging for three days on a rail. Crucified. And other prisoners pass him by, as if nothing.’…”

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