French City To Replace Mother and Father with ‘Parent 1’ ‘Parent 2’ On Civil Documents

Breitbart.com reports: “In an effort to become more inclusive and welcoming to LGBT people, the French city of Marseille is moving to scrap mother and father from civil documents and replace the terms with ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’.

The city of Marseille is moving to update its civil status forms, such as administrative documents and marriage certificates, to become ‘more inclusive, in coherence with the law’ according to deputy mayor Jean-Marc Bonnaffous.

So far the forms have been updated in select boroughs in the city but Marseille is hoping to implement the new changes across the entire city as part of the initiative, the newspaper La Marseillaise reports.

Along with the changes to the forms, around 300 civil registrars are also being trained in LGBT issues, according to deputy mayor Sophie Roques, indicating the registrars will be trained on sexual lifestyles as well as gender identity issues…”

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