Gallant: Israel will strike whoever sent Meggido bomber

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned Thursday that Israel would strike whoever sent the terrorist who carried out the bombing attack near Meggido earlier this week, stressing that the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

‘This is a complex incident with many loose ends, but one thing is certain, we will conduct a full investigation of all the details, even if it takes us some time,’ said Gallant.

‘A burdensome and serious incident was prevented as a result of a determined, responsible and very serious effort by the IDF and all the security agencies. The potential damage was large.’

‘This operation was carried out with tight cooperation between the various agencies and brought an impressive, if not perfect, result,’ added the defense minister, stressing ‘I want to say in the clearest terms possible: whoever carried out this attack will regret that he carried out an attack against the citizens of the State of Israel. We will find the proper time and act in the proper way to strike them.’…”

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