Gantz: We are closer than ever to needing to act against Iran

Israel National News reports: “National Unity Party chairman MK Benny Gantz addressed the AJC Global Forum 2023 on Tuesday and commented on the reports of an agreement being formed between the US and Iran on the Iranian nuclear program.

The fight against Iran, said Gantz, ‘is a global struggle for the world order and for maintaining regional stability, whether it is through funding of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, spreading terror, whether it is through Hezbollah who plays a central role in the disintegration of Lebanon, wherever it is through Houthis in Yemen threatening and acting against Saudi Arabia and UAE.’

‘Iran’s actions affect the entire global surrounding and the entire Middle East, and bear in mind that with a nuclear umbrella, Iran will lead to a potential arm race in the Middle East and in the rise of Iranian aggression around the world, and for those reasons the world must stop it,’ he added…”

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