Hamas accuses Israel of using spy dolphins

YnetNews.com reports: “A Hamas spokesman claimed in a video on Monday that the terror group has discovered dolphins allegedly trained by Israel’s military to pursue its naval forces.

The man, identified as a representative of the terrorist group’s Al-Qassam Brigade, added that the pursuing dolphin was also equipped with an unknown device. The video later showed the alleged device.

He did not provide any additional details regarding the time of the alleged maritime incident, nor its location or under which circumstances it took place.

The announcement, published by the Jerusalem-based Al-Quds newspaper on Monday, follows a similar story released by the daily back in 2015.

That year, Hamas claimed that it managed to discover such a killer dolphin, which Palestinian media said was ‘stripped of its will’ and trained to be ‘a murderer’ by Israel’s military, the BBC reported…”

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