Hamas and Jihad refuse to attend joint meeting with Abbas

Israel National News reports: “The Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organizations refused to attend an emergency meeting of the Palestinian factions called for by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. According to Al-Jazeera, the factions refused the invitations in protest of PA security forces’ arrests of their operatives.

In response to the two movements’ refusal, Azzam al-Ahmad, a Fatah Central Committee member, said, ‘Hamas is putting obstacles in the way of holding an urgent meeting of the factions in Cairo’.

He added that the Egyptian leadership welcomed Abbas’ invitation to hold this meeting to discuss the need for cooperation in strengthening internal Palestinian unity in the face of Israeli aggression.

Abbas had invited the general secretaries of the Palestinian factions to hold an emergency meeting following the two-day IDF operation, which resulted in the death of 12 terrorists and the wounding of about 120 others…”

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