Hamas calls for Jenin residents to capture Israeli soldiers

Israel National News reports: “Saleh al-Aaruri, the deputy leader of Hamas, calls the IDF operation in Jenin and its refugee camp ‘another chapter of the occupation’s aggression against our people, the signs of which have been visible for some time.’

Last night, the IDF began a large-scale operation throughout the city and in the Jenin refugee camp. The IDF and ISA said that as part of an effort to end terrorism in Judea and Samaria, the security forces attacked a building that was the joint headquarters of the city’s various terrorist factions.

In an interview with the Hamas TV channel Al-Aqsa, Al-Aaruri said that ‘the occupation army will fall into the ambushes prepared by our soldiers’ and ‘we will cripple the occupation at any time and place we choose’ and ‘the occupation left Jenin defeated’. In this context, al-Aaruri called on the militants in Jenin to capture Israeli soldiers…”

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