Hamas celebrates shooting attack

Israel National News reports: “Abdel-Latif al-Kanou, the spokesman for the Hamas movement, welcomed the shooting attack at Eli Junction in which four Israelis were murdered, whom he called ‘herds of settlers’.

‘The act of heroism was carried out in response to the aggression of the Zionist occupation last night in the city of Jenin, and it joins the escalating attacks by the struggle organizations in Jenin, Silwad and everywhere else,’ said Al-Kanou.

Al-Kanou added: ‘Our Palestinian people will not break in the face of the power of the occupation, and the Palestinian struggle organizations will continue with attacks, and their response will be with all their might against the crimes of the Zionist occupation, the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the expulsion of worshipers from its premises, and the ongoing attacks against (the) Al-Aqsa Mosque.’…”

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