Hamas delegation to visit Damascus next week

Israel National News reports: “The Hamas terrorist organization which rules Gaza is reviving relations with the Iran-backed regime in Damascus after a decade-long rupture sparked by the outbreak of Syria’s bloody civil war, AFP reported on Tuesday.

Analysts say the shift pushes Hamas deeper into the fold of the Iran-led ‘axis of resistance’ against Israel that includes Syria as well as Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement and Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

A delegation led by Hamas officials is expected in the Syrian capital next week, following a series of preparatory meetings, according to the AFP report.

Hamas relocated its offices from Damascus to Ankara during the civil war in Syria in 2011, in the wake of its refusal to support Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in the uprising against him.

That led to a disconnect between Hamas and Iran, Assad’s close ally, which then reportedly stopped supplying the terror group with weapons. Hamas and Iran have since restored those ties…”

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