Hamas: Huwara riots are a ‘declaration of war,’ cross all red lines

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The settler riots that swept Huwara on Sunday are a ‘declaration of war’ and cross all red lines, warned Hamas political bureau official Suhai al-Hindi on Tuesday.

‘The results of the Aqaba Summit are more killing, blood, and destruction for our Palestinian people, and what Nablus witnessed was a joint attack, as the occupation soldiers sponsor settlers to kill the Palestinian person and burn the Palestinian house and Palestinian entity,’ said Hindi to the Palestinian news outlet Al-Watan Voice.

‘We, on our part as Palestinians, cannot in any way accept this equation, and we cannot raise the white flag or accept that the enemy harms the Palestinian people,’ added Hindi. ‘We are required to confront this conspiracy, killing and arson, with all our might, and the occupation knows only the language of force, not the language of dialogue, agreements and meetings.’…”

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