Hamas is using North Korean weapons in Gaza, South Korea confirms

The Jerusalem Post reports: “South Korea’s spy agency said Monday that Hamas is using weapons made in North Korea to fight Israel in Gaza, according to a report in the South Korean outlet Yonhap.

It has been widely suspected that Hamas used North Korean weapons since the war broke out three months ago, with North Korea’s first public denial of the allegations coming less than a week after the October 7 attack. The totalitarian state denies any involvement in attacks on Israelis. 

The South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) confirmed a report in Voice of America, the US’s state-owned international broadcaster, in which a photo of an F-7 grenade launcher allegedly used by Hamas bore Korean writing on it. The NIS said its ‘assessment is the same as the VOA report.’

NIS said it is ‘collecting and accumulating’ further evidence of North Korea’s supply of arms to Hamas, but that ‘it is currently difficult to provide such evidence due to the need to protect information sources and in consideration of diplomatic ties,’ according to Yonhap. NIS had previously reported to the South Korean parliament that Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator, had ordered officials to strategize assisting the Palestinian cause…”

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