Hamas launched unique terror tactic: Livestreaming horrors on victims’ social media

The Times of Israel reports: “Hamas seems to have intentionally adopted a new terror tactic during its devastating attack on Israeli communities on October 7 — that of using the social media accounts of their victims to spread fear and confusion among their families and friends as the killings and abductions unfolded.

In a report Tuesday, The New York Times followed multiple instances in which terrorists who broke into homes in towns and kibbutz communities took control of residents’ phones. In some cases, they then livestreamed their abuse of victims. In others, they posted messages or media to their social media accounts or called relatives to taunt them.

In one case, a teenage hostage was filmed by terrorists being forced to walk around homes in his community and calling on neighbors to come out as it was safe, NYT reported.

In another, a family’s ordeal was live-streamed to their Facebook account as parents held at gunpoint attempted to calm their two sobbing children, while the kids asked about an older daughter who had been shot dead in another room…”

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