Hamas leader claims civilians were not killed in Oct. 7 massacre

Israel National News reports: “Senior Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk told BBC that civilians were ‘exempt’ from the October 7 massacre perpetrated by Hamas in Israel.

The massacre left over 1,400 Israelis dead, and 240 are confirmed as kidnapped to Gaza. Some people are still missing.

The vast majority of the victims of the massacre, and the vast majority of hostages, are civilians; among them are women, children, infants, the elderly, and the infirm.

Abu Marzouk, however, told BBC that the October 7 attack focused on ‘conscripts’ and that ‘women, children and civilians were exempt’ from Hamas’ attacks.

He claimed that Hamas leader Mohammed Deif ‘clearly told his fighters ‘don’t kill a woman, don’t kill a child and don’t kill an old man.’‘ IDF reservists were ‘targeted’ he said, adding that only ‘conscripts’ and ‘soldiers’ were killed…”

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