Hamas newspaper: Israel will pay a heavy price in next military conflict

Israel National News reports: “Arab analyst Ahmad Abu Zouhari has written that the balance of power between Israel and the ‘opposition axis’ has changed, and Israel will pay a very heavy price in the next military conflict.

In an article in Hamas’ official newspaper, Falastin, Abu Zouhari writes that Israel is currently in a fearful situation in several respects: diplomatic, security, and military, all relating to the increase in military threats and concerns that the next conflict may include multiple parallel attacks conducted from Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Lebanon, and Syria, similar to what took place during Ramadan in 2021.

According to him, faced with this situation, which may bring about a collapse of the internal front and extremely heavy damages, Israel may act to thwart the threat or reduce its influence, by reaching a quick conclusion…”

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