Hamas official: We’ll fire 1,111 rockets at Israel in next war

Israel National News reports: “Zaher Jabarin, one of Hamas’ leaders, has threatened to fire over 1,000 rockets at Israel, Channel 12 News reported.

Last year, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar referenced the number 1,111 but did not detail the context.

At the time, he said, ‘We are confident in our ability to obtain our rights and remember the number 1,111.’ It was assumed then that the number was in reference to how many terrorists Hamas would demand released in the next prisoner swap.

Now, Jabarin has clarified, in Sinwar’s name, that 1,111 is the number of rockets which will be fired during the first barrage on Israel in the next round of fighting.

‘We are capable of increasing the number if necessary,’ Jabarin added…”

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