Hamas terrorists ordered to kill as many people as possible, target schools in attacks: report

The Christian Post reports: “Newly uncovered documents reveal that Hamas terrorists were directed to kill as many people as possible, with a specific focus on elementary schools and youth centers. These meticulously rehearsed attacks resulted in a death toll exceeding 1,300 in Israel alone, according to official sources.

Israeli officials say the attacks were not a byproduct of military action but rather a central objective, as can be concluded from the documents recovered from the bodies of dead militants at the sites of the attacks, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Written orders carried by Hamas explicitly directed them to maximize human losses and take hostages, the Journal said, citing one set of orders that specifically targeted the farming community of Alumim, instructing militants to ‘achieve the highest level of human losses.’

Another set of orders focused on Sa’ad, a 670-person collective farming community, with the directive to ‘take control of the kibbutz, kill as many individuals as possible, and capture hostages.’

Details in the recovered documents also indicate that elementary schools and youth centers were among the primary targets…”

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