Hamas tunnels, weapons found near amusement park and university

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Tunnels and weapons warehouses used by Hamas were found near an amusement park and a university in the Gaza Strip during the IDF’s ongoing operations in the coastal enclave, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit revealed on Tuesday.

The Paratrooper Brigade found a tunnel opening near an amusement park in the Strip. The opening was destroyed by the IDF.

Maj. Roi, a commander in Sayeret Tzanhanim, stated ‘we found a logistic tunnel. The tunnels didn’t pass over this area. We blew it up now, the opening has been destroyed and we intend to do this in every place we get to.’

The Paratrooper Brigade and the 7th Brigade also found a tunnel opening and a weapons warehouse near a university, uncovering chemicals, RPGs, and explosives, among other objects…”

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