Hamas’ TV: Islam allows for murder of Jews as they are criminals

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Palestinians living in Gaza have been told by Hamas that it is permissible under Islam to kill Israeli civilians because they are criminals. The message came in a television series broadcast on Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV.

‘Self-Sacrificing Fighter’ (Fida’i) features a scene in which an armed terrorist shoots and kills diners at a restaurant in Tel Aviv. Following the attack, a Palestinian woman being interrogated by an Israeli investigator tells him that the attack was justified because Islam allows for criminals to be killed, according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

‘Didn’t you set out to murder innocents in ‎Tel Aviv?’‎ the interrogator asks, to which the woman replies: ‘We’re not criminals like you and we’re not murderers. Our religion ‎‎[Islam] forbids us from murdering civilians!’‎

‘So why did you set out to murder?’ he asks. She responds: ‘I set out‏ ‏to murder criminals like you!’‎

The series was first made in 2015, but has recently been re-broadcast to Palestinians in Gaza as part of the channel’s entertainment program.

In another scene, viewers are told that all Jews hate Arabs…”

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