Hamas war sparks renewed sense of unity among Israelis

SpaceWar.com reports: “At Israel’s Ramla military base, civilian volunteers and reservists gather in a show of unity that comes after nearly a year of unprecedented political division in the nation.

A surprise assault launched by the Palestinian militant group Hamas over the weekend has killed hundreds in Israel but also precipitated mass mobilisation among Israelis who have found a renewed dedication to their national cause.

Israel said it has called up 300,000 army reservists for its ‘Swords of Iron’ campaign, as Palestinians brace for what many fear will be a ground invasion into the long-blockaded Palestinian enclave.

Shlomo Zorno, one of the reservists, pulls a rifle and a flak vest from the trunk of his vehicle. He is already clad in fatigues.

A resident of Ashkelon, a city close to the Gaza Strip where numerous rockets have fallen, including one ‘very close’ to his house, he says he ‘didn’t think for a second’ after being summoned to active duty.

Hamas’s assault launched on Saturday has so far killed at least 800 Israelis and injured 2,600 more, while militants forced around 150 hostages back to the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government said.

Israeli retaliatory strikes on Gaza targets have killed 687 people and wounded another 3,727, according to the Hamas-controlled health ministry…”

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