Hawaii on Frontlines of Preparing for Nuclear Attack

Voice of America News reports: “As tensions escalate between North Korea and the United States, Hawaii finds itself on the frontlines in preparing for a nuclear attack. Whether or not North Korea has developed the capability of hitting the islands with a missile, state officials aren’t taking any chances.

Starting in December, Hawaii will be testing its ‘Attack Warning’ siren for the first time since the Cold War in the 1980s. The state is adding the signal to its monthly ‘Attention Alert’ test, which warns people of an incoming tsunami or hurricane.

While the wailing siren could be used to warn of a nuclear strike from North Korea, Vern Miyagi, administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA), said he thinks an attack is unlikely.

‘If North Korea launches against us or our allies, the retaliation would be complete and they would defeat North Korea’s ambition to continue its regime. So if they did launch an attack against us, the regime would be probably end,’ said Miyagi…”

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